4 Types of Renewable Energy in Malaysia

Renewable energy in Malaysia is energy that constantly replenishes because it will not vanish like the sun and wind. But some of it will not last forever if not handled carefully, like water.

It has been formed with expertise in various fields, in order to protect the natural resources. Not to mention, with the increase of population, we need more options to generate electricity.

1. Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Solar energy is created by nuclear fusion from the Sun and never runs out. Radiant light and heat are able to generate electricity.

Solar panel can be placed on our rooftop for commercial, industrial and residential purposes.

2. Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Wind is used to generate electricity or mechanical power by using kinetic energy through the wind turbines.

There are two types of wind turbines, horizontal-axis turbines and vertical-axis turbines with the same functionality.

3. Hydroelectric

Renewable energy Hydroelectric

Energy that is able to generate power by using a dam or diversion structure and flows the river to create electricity.

To put it simply, the greater the flow of water, the more electricity that can be generated. Hydroelectric dam located in Pahang, Sabah, and Sarawak

4. Biomass Energy

Renewable energy in Malaysia

Biomass also is a type of renewable energy in Malaysia. Biomass energy occurs when material from plants, animals, wood and waste that get through photosynthesis, after carbon dioxide and water reacting thus convert into nutrients (carbohydrates).

In Malaysia, forestry (wood product), rubber cultivation, cocoa cultivation, sugarcane cultivation and oil palm cultivation are major contributors.