Difference Types Of Moonroof And Sunroof

Built-in roofs

Typically offer the option of raising the rear of the panel to vent or exhaust air out of the interior, or sliding the panel fully open, stowing the panel between the roof and the headliner.

Spoiler roofs

Offer the same pop-up vent option, but when opening, it remains above the roof as it slides back.

Pop-up roofs

Merely pop up at the back to vent and in some cases allow the entire panel to be removed and stored. These were popular in the aftermarket.

Lamella roofs

Feature numerous glass or opaque panels that can vent and then slide back like a set of horizontal Venetian blinds. The Mercedes ML-Class and Pontiac G6 offered lamella roofs, but the design proved problematic for both.

Panoramic roofs

Typically offer at least a view out if not open air above both the front and rear seats.

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