Here is some tips for you to make habit on earth day.

Adopt a zero waste lifestyle.

This may sound extreme for some but it doesnt have to be done at 100%. Zero waste just means creating as little waste as possible. We see many people practising this already when they bring their own bags for groceries or use their own containers instead tapau containers at restaurants. Did you know theres a Malaysian Zero Waste community on Facebook? As more people participate, were able to learn from each other and share ideas of how to practise a more sustainable lifestyle.

Go digital, better for the environment.

Almost everything that requires paperwork can now be done online. Opt for paperless billing, skip the receipt printout at ATMs and look for digital applications or websites for all your needs. Whether its delegating work and leaving notes for your team or renewing an insurance plan, skip the paper and do it online.

Make small, impactful changes

Zero waste chef Anne-Marie Bonneau once said, We dont need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly. Your small change can be anything
you can commit to at home, while shopping or at the workplace to live more sustainably.

Support your local farmers

An obvious one but a definite big one. Make a trip to your nearest pasar and pick up your fresh produce from the nice pasar uncle and aunty instead of going to the supermarket. Not only can you buy plastic-free produce, youre likely to get fresher produce and purchase exactly what you need with no chance of waste.