Go through all the deductibles so you know where to input your expenses. Get your income tax filling with ETIQA.

  1. self & spouse
    • automated individual entitlement.
    • care for disabled spouse.
  2. medical
    • medical treatment for your parents up to RM8,000
    • supporting equipment for disabled parent, spouse, child up to RM6,000
    • medical expenses for self, spouse.
  3. education for self
  4. lifestyle
    • lifestyle expenses deductible up to RM2,500
  5. parental benefits
    • breastfeeding equipment
    • child care fees
  6. insurance & investment
    • life insurance
    • public retirement scheme
    • education and medical insurance
  7. domestic travel expenses
    • entrance fees, tour packages, accommodation expenses.
  8. rebates
    • departure taxes for umrah
    • total zakat

Since the news of floods continue rise in Malaysia, home owner need to prepare for the houseowner insurance for future. What you can get in this plan is houseowner insurance cover for all types of damages such as fire & lightning damage, gas tank explosion and loss of rent. while, householder insurance cover for the contents of your home such as mirror damage, building damage & compensation on death of the insured person due to fire. Cover your home against damage caused by natural disaster with ETIQA.

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Dapatkan tuntutan insurans anda dengan lebih cepat dan mudah bersama etiqa.