How to Repair Your Car’s Sunroof

Your car’s sunroof or moonroof is a common location for leaks to manifest. However, it’s crucial to comprehend how the sunroof functions before you use duct tape to scratch your paint or silicone sealer to clog everything up. After that, we’ll go over a few do-it-yourself strategies for keeping the rain off your car without compromising the comfort and convenience a sunroof offers.

1. Fish-Tape Method

Ask for a “universal” speedometer cable at the auto parts store. The coiled cable is robust enough to push through any obstructions yet flexible enough to bend in the sunroof drain tubes. To remove the debris, uncoil the speedometer cable and carefully twist, poke, and prod it into the drain tube.

2. Shop-Vac Method

Buy a foot of flexible, thin plastic tubing that is small enough to fit in the sunroof drain from the home improvement section. You’ll then need fittings to connect your shop-vac to the tiny tube, which you can find in the plumbing area. Although glue is probably not necessary, you might want to use a clamp to secure the tube to the fitting. To clear the drains, use your shop vac one last time. In order to avoid it from happening again, be sure you vacuum any further dirt from the tray.

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