Important Factors In Plastic Bottle Packaging

Types of Plastic Bottles

Along with the type of plastic used in plastic bottle packaging, there are multiple styles of plastic bottles available, including some of the following:

– Boston round bottles with squeezable sides and rounded base and shoulder

– Spice bottles

– Industrial round bottles

– Cylinder bottles

– Foam pump bottles

– Spray bottles

– Modern bottles with a raised edge around the base and shoulder

– Dairy round bottles

– Honey bottles

– Dairy jug bottles

– Diamond bottles with squeezable sides

– Twin neck bottles with two necks and caps, often used for medical or beauty products

– F-style bottles, large bottles with a thin spout, often used for chemical or industrial uses such as gas, oil or anti-freeze

– Packer bottles, often used to hold vitamins or medication

– Cosmo bottles with squeezable sides and with or without dispensing lids

– Custom bottle packaging

Types of Plastic Bottle Packaging

Yet another consideration to plastic bottle packaging is the customization of the bottle to the intended product. While there are some obvious factors, such as whether the plastic can safely hold the intended product, finding the right shape bottle for maximum ease of use and function and matching the most eco-friendly material to the product is essential as well.

Other considerations include different colours available for plastic bottle packaging. There are several options available, including the following:

– Amber plastic bottles

– Clear plastic bottles

– White plastic bottles

– Black plastic bottles

– Natural plastic bottles

– Frosted plastic bottles

– Blue plastic bottles

– Green plastic bottles

Plastic Bottle Packaging Design

An expert packaging solution firm is the right place to turn when it comes to plastic bottle packaging design. This is because every bottle deserves a custom match to a shape, material and size optimized to the product and the market as a whole. Creating the best custom plastic bottle packaging for an individual will help increase consumer awareness of the product, associate the product and packaging with the brand for customers and increase interest overall.

Brand awareness turns into brand loyalty and a new innovative packaging design gets the attention of consumers discerning about the types of product packaging they choose.

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