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shawl, a square, oblong, or triangular protective or ornamental garment of clothing draped over the shoulders, neck, or head, usually by women. Since antiquity, it has been a common article of apparel in most countries of the world. Women in Europe and America wore shawls with practically all of their attire during the “shawl period,” which lasted from around 1800 to the 1870s, when the fashion silhouette shifted. Shawls were a must-have in a fashionable woman’s wardrobe at the turn of the century since gowns were thin and décolleté; gracefully wearing a shawl was a display of gentility.

What Qualifies It as a Shawl?

Shawls have been a part of mainstream fashion for a long time, draped over the shoulders to keep warm, but we’re focusing on shawls worn as hijabs.

shawl in a flash

As headscarves, these shawls can be square or rectangular-shaped pieces of cloth. They’re somewhat larger than a standard scarf (bawal exclusive) making them excellent for hijabi ladies who wish to look stylish without sacrificing modesty.

What Makes It So Quick?

We all know how time-consuming it can be to perfect your headscarf. Consider the following scenario: you’re getting ready for the day, and you’re already running late for work, but your hijab refuses to cooperate. Because they’re designed to be worn quickly, instant shawl strive to completely eliminate this problem.

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