Best Sandals You Must Have In Your Collection

On a spring day, sandals are absolutely a must have for those long walks in the park while enjoying the cool weather. With the amount of gorgeous sandals out there we understand how it can be a little bit overwhelming to pick the right fit for you. Here’s how you can walk around comfortably looking like your best self with the right sandal.

Sandals for different occasions 
When looking for new sandals, narrow down your options for which sandals will fit the right occasion. Different uses calls for different sandal heights. 

Find your right size
Good sandals should have some room at the footbed’s end. It allows for some wiggle to check that your heel do not protrude from the sandal. The size of your sandals can help avoid strain to your feet causing joint injuries.

Arch support 
To keep your feet secure and well balanced, choose a sandal with arch support and supportive straps. The health, comfort and alleviation of feet are all dependent on arch support.

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What Do You Know About Supply Chain Management?

For those who are in charge of a company or are just starting to learn about a business, it is important to know what supply chain management is due to its importance.

This is a key aspect of a successful business as it can help your company grow and do the opposite if you are not that aware of this particular type of management.

A supply chain is a network between a company and their suppliers that helps to distribute their products to customers.

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Amalan Hari Raya Haji

Hari raya haji merupakan hari yang dinanti-nantikan oleh umat Islam selain daripada hari raya puasa dan bulan Ramadan. Hari ini sinonim dengan hari untuk keluarga berkumpul.

Selain itu, tahukah anda banyak amalan sunat yang boleh dilakukan sepanjang hari raya haji?

Hari raya haji atau hari raya korban ini merupakan hari yang cukup bermakna kepada umat Islam di seluruh dunia. Hari raya ini akan disambut pada 10 Zulhijjah dalam kalendar Islam.

Hari raya korban ini dirayakan adalah untuk memperingati hari pengorbanan yang telah dilakukan oleh Nabi Ismail. Nabi Ibrahim telah menyembelih anaknya Nabi Ismail atas arahan Allah SWT.

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