Top 5 Shipping Companies In Malaysia 

Shipping companies play an important role in ensuring customer goods are transported and delivered at the right location in a safe and secure manner.

Due to this, many companies nowadays make sure that they partner with the best shipping services to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Hence, we will be suggesting to you the 5 top shipping companies in Malaysia that can ship your goods safely and professionally.

We will also share with you some aspects to consider when choosing a shipping service.

Keep on reading to find valuable information regarding shipping services for you!

Top 5 Shipping Companies In Malaysia 


shipping companies in malaysia

Among the many shipping companies in Malaysia, if you are looking for the best quality shipping service to help deliver your goods to you, MFAZ Ventures is the perfect choice for you! 

MFAZ services are known to be impressively efficient, reliable, accurate and cost-competitive, all the while striving to greater levels and are fully committed to fulfilling their clients’ wishes.

One of their many special services includes warehouse storage that is free of charge exclusively for its customers in case your goods are unable to be delivered to you immediately.

Even if you order more than one shipment of goods from different suppliers, do not worry as they offer to merge your multiple shipments as soon as they arrive at their Malaysian warehouse.

MFAZ also has a reputation for their transparency and efficient communication by providing their customers with the precise whereabouts of their shipments through the online tracking.

Aside from the reassurance of transporting your goods safely, they also offer a selection of secure payment alternatives and are free of any hidden charges.

Effective, convenient, affordable and beneficial, MFAZ surely is the number one way to go when it comes to shipping your goods to you safely from overseas!

Find out more about MFAZ here!

2. Kokubu Food Logistics

Our next suggestion of shipping service in Malaysia for you is Kokubu Food Logistics, also known as KOKUBU GROUP CORP., which has long operated since 300 years ago. 

KOKUBU GROUP CORP.  specializes in transporting, manufacturing, distributing, and warehousing goods specified in the form of food and beverages.

Initially established in Japan, the company has expanded internationally and is now one of the top food and beverage shipping companies in Malaysia.

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