Trend Baju Raya Terkini

Baju kurung is the traditional apparel for Malay women in Malaysia. This loose-fitting knee-length baggy baju kurung is worn with a sarung. Normally sarung is worn for casual wear at home.

baju kurung raya

With Hari Raya Aidilfitri fast approaching, it is not too late to get some tips up your sleeves before you get your hands on some new festive Baju Raya while supporting ZOFFYA. Before we dive deep into some of the best ways to style Baju Melayu, hold on to that excitement of Eid, and let’s prep for this joyous occasion by looking into some chic colours trends as well as styling accessories.

“Baju kurung will always remain popular even though it’s perceived as ‘outdated’ by some’,” said the renowned fashion designer who is known for being the champion of traditional Malay dresses such as the baju kurung and baju kebaya.

The modern baju kurung has evolved so much that it comes in many forms. You can see modern baju kurung in all kinds of fabrics from satin, songket, chequered, polka dots, geometric patterns, batik, pastel shades and lively colors.

This is a short blouse with a baju kurung neckline and a three-quarter sleeves. It is comfortable and practical as you can move around easily because of the practical and hassle-free design.

With some of these baju raya 2021 to life. See the magic works in these exquisite pieces that incorporate the baju raya TRENDIEST colours ever.

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