What is physiotherapy?

A physiotherapist is a person who helps people maintain their health and improve their quality of life through a variety of interventions, including exercise and manual therapy. This profession is a science-based one that focuses on the whole person’s health and welfare.

At the core of this field is the patient’s involvement in their treatment. For people with different conditions, such as asthma, back pain, and pregnancy, physiotherapy can help them manage their conditions.

physiotherapy focuses on the improvement of various conditions associated with the body’s various systems.

As a physiotherapist, you can work in various specialties related to social care and health.

Dapatkan rawatan fisioterapi terbaik di malaysia. kami menyediakan perkhidmatan rawatan slip disc, sakit lutut, sakit kepala, sakit belakang, sakit leher dan sebagainya.

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